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72553EDIT: OWNER REVIEW - Therm-a-Rest Trekker Chair 20

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  • rayestrella1
    Jan 4, 2007
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      EDIT: OWNER REVIEW - Therm-a-Rest Trekker Chair 20

      Hi Larry,

      Thank you for your Owner Review, your initial edits will follow. They
      will take the following format;

      EDIT: must be changed
      Edit: should be changed but will be left to your discretion
      Comment: just that or something to think about

      When you have made the changes please repost here with REPOST added
      to the subject line. You can also put a HTML copy in the test folder.
      The free BGT Report Writer may be found here;



      ***City, State, Country: Columbus, OH USA

      EDIT: need to spell out Ohio

      ***Manufacturer: Therm-A-Rest (www.thermarest.com)

      EDIT: Therm-"a"-Rest

      ***MSRP: US$29.95 (US$34.95 for the 25 inch (64 cm) version)

      EDIT: we don't need the MSRP of the 25" model

      ***Dimensions: 20 x 42 in (51 x 107 cm)

      EDIT: verified demensions?

      ***The Therm-a-Rest Trekker Chair is a sleeve that enables you to
      convert a 20
      in (51 cm) wide sleeping pad into a camp chair. It has a pocket on
      ends and an array of straps that, when connected, give you a nice
      for your back.

      EDIT: you need to take all of the "you"s out of your review as it is
      projecting. The review must be in the first person. So it allows "me"
      to convert a pad into a chairÂ…

      ***(the Men's large pad is 25 inch (64 cm) wide, and will require the
      large version of the Trekker Chair).

      EDIT: again this is not wanted as you are reviewing the 20"


      EDIT: can you give us some field data? Where it was used, what kind
      of weather, surfaces used on, etc?
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