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72448Re: OWNER REVIEW: REI Kid's Ventana Jacket by Renée (& André) Corterier

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  • André Corterier
    Dec 11, 2006
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      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "edwardripleyduggan"
      <erd@...> wrote:
      > Hello André,
      > Renée must be one of our younger testers, though I think there may
      > a babe-in-arms or two. In any case, this was an amusing review to
      > edit. Looks like she's enjoying the ice cream!
      > Edits follow, nothing major. The kid does good work! Please upload
      > http://tinyurl.com/ynbfv7
      > Please note that the BGT file creation interface doesn't allow
      > apostrophes, so one is lacking from the title.
      > Ted.
      > BGT OR Editor

      Celebrating Halloween is new fad that's just being started - another
      thing from the US to boost the econonmy (to get people to spend a few
      more bucks on something useless).
      Sorry about the typos - I had the thing spell-checked, but made a few
      changes later. Her younger sister (going on 11 months) isn't testing
      yet, but I'm sure she will in time.
      I'll upload from home when I get to it (hopefully tonight, otherwise

      P.S.: The icecream was from the first day she went shopping by
      herself. She got some money to get something for her mom and was
      allowed to get something for herself for the (small) remainder. Of
      course, I followed her and managed to remain unseen. She lost me on
      the way to the shop because I felt forced to explain myself to an
      elder lady whose garbage can I was hiding behind while observing my
      daughter. Right then, Renée took a wrong turn. This prompted me to
      spend the better part of 10 minutes running around in a panic trying
      to find her (missing her several times because she noticed her
      mistake, doubled back and then took the right route). Anyway, she got
      back in one piece and had asked the lady at the shop whether her
      small change was enough for that ice cream (which it clearly wasn't)
      and the lady said "yes". She was very, very proud of her
      accomplishment (and told me she had seen a man in a jacket just like
      mine, but couldn't see his face because he turned away and had the
      hood up).

      Great memories.
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