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72008How do i become a tester ?

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  • enoch
    Nov 3, 2006
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      I could not get to the link. Can someone send me the info to:
      markwsullivan@... ?


      Also: I'd like to test a few Lumbar Packs. Is it possible to sign
      up to test these ?

      Background: I am looking at changing my system to carrying the
      weight dense items (water, fuel, food) in a lumbar pack.
      Everything else will be in light backpack. Even with light gear (my
      baseweight is 8-10 pounds) when you add water/food/feul you get
      up to 20 pounds or so. That's alot of weight on the shoulders- and
      these lightweight packs just don't xfer this type of weight to the
      hips. I've talked w/ a chiropracter about this approach: the less
      weight on shoulders, the less strain on everything between your
      shoulders & hips.

      I've tested a few lumbar packs alrdy.

      Goal: To make backpacking as comfortable as possible by easing wear
      & tear on the back. Moving the weight to the hips will help
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