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71693EDIT/APPROVAL: OR - Stratus TrailStove - Drew

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  • Nazdarovye
    Oct 1, 2006
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      Drew -

      Excellent job on the edit. I have only one overall comment, and it's
      one I probably should have caught the first time around: it appears
      that the manufacturer spells the product name "TrailStove" (no space,
      internal caps) all but one place on their site. Go ahead and replace
      "Trail Stove" in your review with that revised spelling.

      Please post the HTML version of your review, including any pictures,
      to the Test area of the site. You'll find that at the very end of the
      list of categories for reviews after you log in to
      backpackgeartest.org, or you can click this link:


      Review the test version in your browser to make sure it looks the way
      you want and all links work as expected. If you have trouble with or
      questions about posting, I encourage you to ask for help at our
      companion Yahoo! support group at:


      Once everything is ready to go, you may upload your final HTML report
      on BGT at:

      Reviews > Cook Gear > Stoves > Stratus TrailStove

      Log in to BGT, then navigate that that folder. Click "Upload Report,"
      be sure to select the "Owner Review" button, and follow the
      instructions to upload your HTML file and pictures (if any).

      Thanks for a well-written, well-organized report. As soon as you've
      received confirmation that your Tester Agreement has been received
      (see the BGT guidelines for further details), you're all set to apply
      for tests - congratulations!

      - Steve
      BGT OR Editor