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71691Owner Review - Light-Weight R4 Patagonia Fleece

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  • Dexter Bateman
    Oct 1, 2006
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      This is my first owner review ever!! Thanks a lot for looking at this!!

      Patagonia Lt-Weight R4

      Owner Review

      October 1, 2006

      *Reviewer Information*

      Name: Dexter Bateman

      Age: 19

      Gender: Male

      Height: 6'5" (1.93 m)

      Weight: 190 lbs (86 kg)

      E-mail: dexterbateman(at)gmail(dot)com

      City, State, Country: Atlanta, GA, United States

      Date: October, 2006

      *Backpacking Background:*

      I started backpacking a few years ago in the Southern
      Appalachians of North Georgia. I take frequent day hikes and go out for a
      few nights on every long weekend available. I usually get to do two or three
      extended, week long hikes per year. The Georgia Mountains are home to hot
      summers and cold winters with some ice and snow. I consider myself a
      lightweight hiker, not using ultra light gear, but taking only the bare

      *Product Information:*

      Product: Light-Weight R4 Fleece

      Manufacturer: Patagonia

      Year of Manufacture: 2005

      Made In: USA

      URL: www.patagonia.com

      Listed Weight: 18 oz (510 g)

      Received Weight: 18.2 oz (516 g)

      Size Men's X-Large: Chest: 46-48" (117-122 cm) Neck: 17-17.5"
      (43.18-44.45cm) Sleeve: 36-37" (91-94cm) Waist: 38" (97cm)

      Color Options: Royal/Channel Blue, Sultan Red/Persian Red, Stainless/Whale
      Blue, Black/Whale Blue.

      - Polartec Windbloc laminate
      - Lined with R1 fleece for wicking moisture on the inside
      - Adjustable draw cord collar and hem
      - Hand warmer and chest pockets
      - Internal stow pockets


      I have used this fleece for numerous trips since I purchased it
      last fall. I have used it for bumming around chilly Atlanta and two extended
      trips and countless numbers of short hikes on the Appalachian Trail in North
      Georgia. I have also worn the fleece hiking in Washington State hiking in
      Mt. Rainier and Olympic National Parks and day hiking in the White Mountains
      of New Hampshire. Elevations ranged from 500 � 7000 feet (152-2134 m) and
      temperatures from 60-10 degrees F (15.56 to -12.21 degrees C).


      This fleece is very warm, and only receives the title
      "Light-weight" because it is compared to the even warmer regular R4 jacket.
      This jacket has always done a wonderful job of keeping me warm. It offers
      several different levels of warmth from wearing the jacket loosely unzipped
      to cinching down all of the drawstrings and zipping all the way up to the


      * *I love the way this jacket fits me. It is trim and feels
      fitted without being too constricting. The sleeves are long enough to extend
      even when stretching my arms out. This fleece also excels at being used with
      a layering system: There is enough room under all joints and sleeves to fit
      base layers comfortably. The fleece also slides nicely under a rain shell.

      I really like the shoulder seams, which have been designed in an
      "s-shape" to avoid having the seams directly under pack straps. This is a
      lifesaver for extended backpacking trips! The collar is also coated with
      Supplex, so it fits nicely around my neck without being too rigid.


      This is the first windproof fleece I have ever owned. I did not
      really understand the meaning of windproof until I really needed it.
      Ridge-walking in the Presidential Range in New Hampshire is definitely the
      place to test a windproof fleece. The wind blows mercilessly through the
      gulfs and on top of all of the exposed peaks. I would put this fleece on as
      soon as I got into the Alpine zone on every hike and I never felt the wind!
      The main zipper is backed with a Supplex liner, so none of the wind can
      sneak in anywhere. It is incredible!


      This is one area where the Lt-Weight R4 could use some
      improvement. The torso zippers open into large mesh pockets on the inside of
      the jacket. It definitely makes a difference to open up these zippers, but
      on a long uphill climb in cold weather, I find myself building up moisture
      on the inside. The underarms are made of unlamented R1 fleece which provides
      excellent breathability. This is, however, the one weak point of the
      windproofness: if I lift up my arms, the wind can penetrate this area.
      Longer pit zips positioned farther back would be a big improvement over the
      current design.

      *Overall Comments/Concerns:*

      * *A highly technical fleece suitable for a variety of cold
      weather activities, this fleece is a very good combination of when mobility,
      warmth and comfort are required. This is a definitely a quality piece of
      clothing, which shows now signs of wear after nearly a year's use. One
      improvement that could be made, however, is a better method a sealing the
      wrist cuffs. The cuffs are elastic on the back side to create a tight fit,
      but these may stretch if I continue to pull the sleeves up my forearms. I
      would really like to see a Velcro type closure for these cuffs. I look
      forward to bringing this jacket on all of my cold weather excursions this


      - Very warm
      - Very windproof
      - High quality
      - Great fit

      *Could be better:*

      - Ventilation**
      - Wrist cuffs **

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