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71429EDIT - Sierra Designs Wild Bill 20 F Sleeping Bag - Larry Kirschner

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  • Roger Caffin
    Sep 1, 2006
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      EDIT: - Sierra Designs Wild Bill 20 F Sleeping Bag - Larry Kirschner

      Hi Larry

      Welcome to BGT.
      > Note: First OR Post--please be gentle! (LOL)
      You jest of course! Novice misery is our speciality ... :-)

      A sleeping bag is an expensive item for a first OR, and we try to encourage newcomers to start with simpler things while
      learning the 'BGT way". This Or may be a shade short but lets see how it goes. Anyhow, I have some small edits for you
      to fix, listed below.

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      Roger Caffin
      BGT OR Editor
      > Sierra Designs Wild Bill 20 F Sleeping Bag
      EDIT: Need date under this, in 01-Sep-2006 format please for international readers.

      > Height: 5’9” (1.75 m)
      EDIT: 5' 9" with space

      > Date of Review: August 25, 2006
      Edit: optional here, but must be under the title

      > Wild Bill 20 F (-7C) synthetic fill sleeping bag
      EDIT: Model: ...

      > Size; Regular
      EDIT: Size: Regular

      > MSRP: 99.99
      EDIT: either $99.99 or US$99.99

      > Listed weight: 3 lbs, 0 oz (46 oz, 1.36 kg)
      > Weight as delivered: 3 lbs, 1 oz (49 oz , 1.39 kg)
      EDIT: change format to 3 lb 0 oz - no comma, no 's'

      > Fill weight: 27 oz
      EDIT add metric

      > Product description.
      > Insulation type: Polarguard 3D.
      > Stuffed size listed: 9 x 19 in (23 x 48 cm)
      EDIT: need more here: hood? zip? length? width? loft?

      > Warranty: (from company web site), “Sierra Designs guarantees that the
      Edit: you don't need to quote all this. It does not describe the bag at all, and the reader can get the warranty details
      from the company web site.

      > Ohio where the temperature was in the 50’s and 60’s at night. This was also
      EDIT: metric temps too please, here and everywhere else. I have not listed them all. There is a converter on the BGT web
      site if you need one.

      > of New Mexico, elevations from 6000 to 12000 ft. Sleeping temperature
      EDIT: metric conversions everywhere pls.

      > backpack (5600 cubic inches)
      EDIT: metric pls - it should be possible.

      > is big enough for a small amoung of soft
      EDIT: check spelling. 'amount'