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  • rayestrella1
    Aug 29, 2006
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      I am sorry Justin, but when looking at your finish product I noticed
      the manufacturer's web site the way you have it. While the hyperlink
      works fine it needs to be spelled out as so, www.danadesign.com in
      case the link breaks and a reader needs to manually type it in.

      Also you changed this line,

      "Fabric: LTD & 420 HT - (Low Tenacity Denier and 420 High Tenacity
      Denier. It appears that the entire outside of the pack consists of
      the 420 HT fabric, the interior is lined with the LT product.)"

      As I mentioned in the edits HT does stand for High Tenacity. 420 is
      the denier. It is not 420 High Tenacity Denier. We can't put words
      in their mouths. :-) I do not think LTD stands for Low Tenacity.
      That would be saying it is weak. Not a good marketing point. Here is
      the actual description of it from Marmot. "LTD nylon – 500d X 1000d
      combo of high tencity nylon for tear strength and Cordura for
      abrasion resistance." So you see that it is even higher denier than
      the 420. And it would undoubtably be used on the highest wear areas,
      not the lining. (You made me do a lot of research, mister!)

      We are better off leaving things that we are unsure of the way they
      have them. I understand as I always try to explain things myself,
      sometimes wrongly. (Right, Roger?)

      You should be able to delete your review and repost a corrected one
      for the next few days. Give me a yell if you need help. I am looking
      forward to your next review.

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