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69838EDIT: Vapor Trail pack - Ray Estrella

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  • Roger Caffin
    Mar 29, 2006
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      Re: EDIT: Vapor Trail pack - Ray Estrella

      > I made the changes you suggested, and added a paragraph about
      >shoulder straps in the Use section. I will post a HTML to the test
      > and wait for an OK from you to post the final.
      Comment: Looks good to me. I think it was worth the effort too.

      > I was drawn once in art class......
      DOWN Roger, DOWN!
      Sorry - but at least I resisted ... :-)

      Apropos of which, the last pic in the OR. It looks as though it is covered in spider webs? I take it you scanned a
      print, and the print was damaged slightly? Not to worry - it just caught my eye. No action needed. Just curious.

      > But I blistered my feet so bad that an ER doctor in Lone
      > Pine told me I had to stop the hike because one toe was turning
      > gangreous. As you can see I finished it. I lost 5 toenails after.
      Rocks in his head .... Brain fried completely....
      Glad you survived!

      Roger Caffin
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