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69831Re: EDIT: Vapor Trail pack - Ray Estrella

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  • rayestrella1
    Mar 28 5:58 AM
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      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "Roger Caffin"
      <r.caffin@...> wrote:
      > EDIT: Vapor Trail pack - Ray Estrella
      > Hi Ray
      > You again! :-) Gear freak! :-) (all said in the nicest possible
      way of course).
      > OK, a few small edits, plus some grammar.
      > No comments about how the shoulder straps ride? Curling? Sliding
      off? Just curious.

      Hi Roger,

      Yes I am a gear freak to the max! I made the changes you suggested,
      and added a paragraph about the shoulder straps in the Use section.
      I will post a HTML to the test and wait for an OK from you to post
      the final.

      > > The shoulder straps have high density foam inside of them.
      > EDIT: you will be hung drawn and quartered for that: ' inside
      them' without the 'of'

      Thanks, I do that a lot. I will try to remember in the future. I was
      drawn once in art class......

      > > The temperatures on this hike ranged from 105 F (41 C) under
      > > sun, to 27 F (-3 C) and snowing.
      > Comment: ouch!
      > > Even in Death Valley my back was no hotter than the rest of me.
      > Comment: all damn hot, eh? :-)

      It was the wierdest hike I have ever done. We spent a lot of time
      walking on black-top, and I have no idea how hot it got at the
      surface. But I blistered my feet so bad that an ER doctor in Lone
      Pine told me I had to stop the hike because one toe was turning
      gangreous. As you can see I finished it. I lost 5 toenails after.
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