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69817EDIT: Vapor Trail pack - Ray Estrella

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  • Roger Caffin
    Mar 27 2:48 PM
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      EDIT: Vapor Trail pack - Ray Estrella

      Hi Ray

      You again! :-) Gear freak! :-) (all said in the nicest possible way of course).
      OK, a few small edits, plus some grammar.

      No comments about how the shoulder straps ride? Curling? Sliding off? Just curious.

      You can upload after you make the fixes to
      If you want to add some stuff about the shoulder straps I would be happy to check it over again - html version only
      maybe with notice on this channel.

      Roger Caffin
      BGT OR EDitor
      > Volume: 3,600 cu in (59L)
      Edit: real nit pick: 'Volume listed'. Not that I have ever worked out how THEY measure it.

      > The main pack body is made of 70-D Hybrid Cordura Nylon Rip-Stop. It is
      > very light feeling, but has proven to be pretty tough in the field.
      EDIT: the HTML has a font change here which needs fixing

      > The same materiel
      EDIT: material

      > there are two more compression straps that cris-cross the opening.
      EDIT: criss-cross

      > At the top of the pad is a sewn on grab loop.
      EDIT: sewn-on

      > The one at the top of the shoulder adjust the distance the pack body
      EDIT: either 'the ones at the top adjust ' or 'the one at the top adjusts '

      > The shoulder straps have high density foam inside of them.
      EDIT: you will be hung drawn and quartered for that: ' inside them' without the 'of'

      > The removable hip belt is made of this foam also.
      Edit: you end the last sentence with also. It would sound a lot better if you changed this 'also' to 'too'.

      > The temperatures on this hike ranged from 105 F (41 C) under scorching
      > sun, to 27 F (-3 C) and snowing.
      Comment: ouch!

      > I had read a lot of good things about the Vapor trail and bought mine
      EDIT: Vapour Trail

      > (Still quite a ways off Dave's 17 lb [7.7 kg] for the same trip.)
      Comment: style only. I wouldn't bother with the parentheses. Just style.

      > is easy to over load it.
      EDIT: overload, one word.

      > Going back to 28 lb (12.7 kg) felt wonderful.

      > It is much easier to access than a pocket inside of the pack
      EDIT: no 'of'

      > Vapor Trail inside of my Bora 95.
      EDIT: no 'of'

      > Coming back down having the compact Vapor Trail made glissading
      Comment: I would write 'carrying'nstead of 'having' - style.

      > The pockets work ok for standard Nalgene bottles.
      Edit: OK, in caps

      >I had been concerned that the full pad against my back would mean a
      > warmer carry than other packs,
      Edit: good grammar would be "warmer carry than with other packs"

      > Even in Death Valley my back was no hotter than the rest of me.
      Comment: all damn hot, eh? :-)
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