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69576re: ATTN: Greg Welker - BGT Owner Review Edit

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  • Roger Caffin
    Mar 5, 2006
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      Hi Greg

      > I had made all the edit
      > changes and uploaded to the test area but had backchannelled my
      > editor with tis information and a question on 2/23.
      Backchannel? If you mean emailing direct, that is not encouraged as Jamie doesn't get to see the messages for the
      database - and I never saw your email. The moral is to always go via this channel.

      OK, I have picked up the html version from the test/O folder. There are a few html edits we need to deal with still, and
      I will come back with these soon.

      For example, the tech data at the start is spaced out too much (a common problem) and the heading below the pic is in
      very small font and should come first. If you need help with these sorts of HTML problems, just yell.

      Roger Caffin
      BGT OR Editor
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