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69237Re: [BackpackGearTest] Re: Editing protocols (OT)

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  • Steven H. Miller
    Feb 9, 2006
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      I can't top that (1975, that is), but I was known to frequent a
      notoriously raucous chat room on Peoplelink somewhere between 1983
      1987. (I think... those years are a bit hazy). It was there that the
      term SPAM first arose. Certain individuals had a tactic for silencing
      people who they found boring or intrusive in our little group. They
      would start quoting the Monty Python SPAM routine back and forth...
      they had it pre-typed so they could post far more qucikly than anyone
      else - until they drowned out all other conversation. (Hence, SPAM is
      unwanted communication that chokes the system). Those of us who were
      regulars would just wait this out. The interlopers would figure this
      was no place to pick up cybersex, and leave. Then normal conversation
      would resume.

      But seriously, folks, I had no intention of stirring up a storm. I
      belong to a couple of Photography oriented lists where people normally
      leave in the preceeding thread messages. They don't even <snip>. If
      it's different here, I don't mind at all. I'm perfectly flexible to
      local custom.

      As to Top-posting VS bottom posting, this is endlessly the topic of
      debate. I have seen nasty flame-wars erupt over the question of which
      practice is actually the "norm," what constitutes courtesy, and what
      makes something intelligible.

      And then there's interstitial-posting...

      Anyway, I hope to repost my (edited) OR soon. Back to work.


      On Feb 9, 2006, at 8:26 AM, Brad Larson wrote:

      > At the risk of perpetuating this thread indefinitely....
      > -- I remember sending my first emails in 1975 via U of Minnesota
      > -- In 1983 had my own ATT 3b2 Unix SysV computer in my home running
      > UUCP (unix to unix copy) that allowed me to send emails

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