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  • Andrew Priest
    Feb 8, 2006
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      At 06:43 AM 4/02/2006, you wrote:

      >Thanks for the Survival Guide link. It's not linked from the main nav
      >bar, nor is it linked from the How To Become A Tester page, although it
      >IS linked from the Quickstart page.

      Hi Steve

      Ahh, it is linked from the How to Become a Tester page. You will find
      it in the first paragraph of the Quick Start Guide and it is linked
      the appropriate page of the How to Become a Tester documents.

      Also if you log into the BackpackGearTest.org site you will find
      under Documents. It is called "Test Requirements" which it primarily is.

      As an aside, can you please ensure you edit (read delete the surplus
      parts of the email you are replying to) your posts before sending to
      the list. We ask you do this as a consideration of other users,
      particularly digest readers.

      Andrew Priest
      List Moderator

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