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68820"Owner Review-- Kelty Stratus +35 Sleeping Bag"

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  • maksidaa
    Jan 5, 2006
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      Name: Adam Goodwin
      Age: 23
      Gender: Male
      Height: 6' 4" (1.9 Meters)
      Weight: 170 lbs.(77 kg.)
      Email Address: maksidaa@...'
      City, State, Country: Athens, Georgia, USA
      Date: January 5, 2005
      Backpacking Background: I started camping and backpacking as a boy
      scout in my early teens and have kept it up when possible between
      school and work. Usually I'll take a weekend trip to the north
      Georgia mountains or just find a lake near my home and go fishing and
      camping with my wife. I would consider myself an amateur camper and
      my wife is certainly new to it all, but we have fun with it. We try
      to go on a trip every month. We've bought some light weight gear to
      help her on the longer hikes (which is pretty much all of them for
      her!). Being from the south we don't like the cold weather months as
      much as the warmer months.

      Manufacturer: Kelty
      Year of Manufatcture: 2003 (in China!)
      URL: www.kelty.com
      Listed Weight: 2 lb 7 oz.
      Weight as Delivered: 2 lb. 8 oz.
      Product Description:
      33" Wide x 82" Long x 66" Girth
      100% Nylon ripstop shell and interior lining
      Thermolite Quallofil filling
      Army Green

      The Stratus came in a cardboard box that included the sleeping bag as
      well as a stuff sack. The stuff sack was black with a draw cord at
      the opening.
      The bag itself has two large zippers that run down the right side of
      the bag. A full length zipper tube also runs the length of the zipper
      for insulation and keeping the bag draft-free. It has interior loops
      for securing a liner for cooler weather and exterior loops to attach
      the bag to a sleeping mat. Getting into the bag requires unzipping
      the zipper and then of course inserting your body into the bag,
      followed by re-zipping of the zipper.

      This bag has been with me for about 18 months now. While camping at
      the Grand Canyon in early May of 2004 I had to get rid of my old bag
      due to it's age and poor insulating capabilities and opted to buy a
      newer, lighter bag. Since I live in Georgia and usually do my camping
      there the Stratus was an inexpensive option for three-season camping.
      My first night in the bag was wonderful and I slept like a baby!!
      The weather was in the high 40's (fahrenheit) at night and the bag
      kept me warm and toasty from head to toe. Since I'm 6' 4" I needed a
      long bag that would cover the length of my body and this bag did the
      trick. The upper zipper was easy to use even in the dark and the
      contour of the bag wrapped around my body without constricting
      movement. However the lower zipper has been stuck since the day I
      bought the bag and I have yet to pry it loose. Luckily it's stuck at
      the bottom of the bag so it doesn't leave a gaping hole.
      On subsequent camp outs here in the south this bag has been ideal for
      warmer weather and actually feels good against my skin during those
      hot, humid summer nights. The nylon shell and interior lining stay
      relatively cool and comfortable. However, during the late fall this
      bag doesn't keep me as warm as I would like. I usually have to take
      along an extra blanket or liner if the temperature gets near 40
      degrees fahrenheit or lower. The rating says that it's good down to
      35 degrees but I haven't found that to be true. The weight of the bag
      is nice and it really doesn't take up much room in my backpack. A
      nice compression sack packs it down even smaller and the synthetic
      fill is nice and soft. I haven't found any use for the liner loops or
      sleeping mat loops but I guess it's nice to have them. Another nice
      thing about the bag is that it has a large velcro latch at the top
      that can be used to secure the zipper or any other lose items you
      might want near you. It's nice not having that cold zipper metal
      against your face at night!

      The Stratus is a great, soft, light bag for most three season camping.
      It packs small and out of the way but won't set you back hundreds of
      dollars. For the money it's a great value and the craftsmanship
      behind it will make it worth the small investment.

      Things I like:
      1. Light weight and small size
      2. Comfortable lining material
      3. Good for warm/hot weather

      Things I don't like:
      1. Poor performance below 40 degree fahrenheit
      2. One zipper is stuck
      3. No chest compartment

      Hope this helps,
      Adam Goodwin
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