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67332EDIT - Katadyn Hiker Water Filter - Josh Cormier

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  • Roger Caffin
    Sep 1, 2005
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      EDIT - Katadyn Hiker Water Filter - Josh Cormier

      Hi Josh

      A technical and challenging topic for an early OR, but all the same not too bad a start.

      There are quite a few grammatical corrections to be made: we are trying very hard to keep the standard very high. They
      are good for the soul :-)

      You need to remove all the manufacturer's marketing stuff: we do NOT want that in our reports. We deal in facts and your
      experiences. But I have spelt out the details below.

      You bio needs a bit of work to align it with the sort of info we want. This is spelt out in the Survival Guide, which
      you should read for more details. Again, I have spelt out some details.

      EDIT: this is required
      Edit: this is recommended, unless I have misunderstood
      Comment: just that.

      So, work on it and we will get there. Repost here when worked over. And put an html version in the Test/Owner Reviews
      folder too please.

      Roger Caffin
      BGT OR Editor
      > Email address: swifteagle1@...
      EDIT: I think this does need to be spelled out, but we recommend the format 'swifteagle at fred dot com' to help baffle
      the bots.

      > Date: 8-28-05
      EDIT: BGT has an international audience. This is a purely American date format which is not always understood elsewhere.
      Use the format 28-Aug-2005 for best clarity.

      > Backpacking background – I joined the Boy Scouts when I was 11 and have been
      > camping and backpacking ever since.

      > I have done 50 milers over one weeks time and 40 milers in 3 days time. The
      > toughest trek I’ve ever been on was 17miles from an elevation of 4,500 to
      > an elevation of 8,500 in one day. The next day we attempted a peak 5 miles
      > away with an altitude of 13,720 ft.
      EDIT: we do not really want such detail about the trips themselves. What we want is more about the *style* of your trips
      and your style of walking. Along the lines of 'I like medium distance walks, often camp out for up to a week, and like
      climbing mountains' and 'I would classify my gear as midweight rather than lightweight'. I will leave it to you to
      decide how to rephrase the bio.

      > I now go backpacking at least once a year in the Sierra Nevada Mountains as
      > well as monthly car camping trips with the Scouts.

      > Manufactures Description:
      We do want a section called 'Product Description'. Most of what you have here is marketing bumpf. Delete the lot: we
      want facts. The next section ('Specs') contains the stuff we want. In addition, I suggest you have a look at some other
      ORs and Test reports for the preferred style. There are several on this filter.

      > Output: Up to 1 quart (1 liter) per minute or 48 strokes per quart
      EDIT: 'Claimed output', unless you have actually measured it, in which case it would be 'Measured output'

      > Cartridge Capacity: Up to 200 gallons, depending on water quality
      EDIT: 'Claimed cartridge capacity'

      > Weight: 11 oz. (312 g)
      EDIT: 'Claimed weight: ...' followed on the next line by 'Meaured weight:...'
      You actually repeat this below: once only please.

      > Height: 6.5" (16.51 cm)
      EDIT: Ditto

      > Hose Length: 36" (0.91 m)
      EDIT: ditto

      > Includes: Prefilter, Universal Bottle Adapter and Carry Bag
      EDIT: after the 'facts' part of the PD you ned to have a text section, but YOUR description, not something from
      marketing. Describe the unit in words. Refer to a pic (taken by yourself) if you like.0

      > Manufactures web site: http://www.katadyn.com/site/us/home/
      EDIT: only the root web site should be used: http://www.katadyn.com

      > Right after buying the filter I opened the box and realized the filter no
      > longer came with the hook that connects to the hose allowing you to hook the
      > hose over the top of your water bottle.
      Comment: Very good point. That annoyed me too!

      > water bladders, water bags and different water bottles. The other adapters
      EDIT: paragraph break befoe 'The other ...' as you are starting a new topic.

      > hose going over the nodes, which are labeled in and out.
      Edit: I really don't think 'nodes' is the right word. 'Spigots' would be much better.

      > When I started pumping all this black stuff started coming out of the output hose.
      Comment: good observation.

      > Last year I took this filter on a 3-day backpacking trip into Sequoia
      Comment: getting a bit anecdotal, but this is OK in this case and in the next one.

      > When doing this on one occasion the filter stopped working, it sucked the water
      > in and then pushed it back out the input hose.
      Edit: much better English to write 'filter stopped working. It sucked the ...'

      > it with water, I washed out some sediment put it back together and it
      Edit: 'some sediment, put it back ' with comma

      > More recently I went on a 3 day backpacking trip into emigrant wilderness.
      Comment: no international reader will have the faintest idea what 'emigrant wilderness' is. I certainly don't. Are you
      sure this is the correct spelling?

      > As always my pump performed beautifully pumping smoothly and filling my
      Edit: 'performed beautifully, pumping smoothly and filling ' with comma

      > camped near, rose a foot and became very muddy.
      EDIT: delet comma

      > After pumping for a while I could feel back pressure on the pump
      > handle, this tells me that the pump was starting to get clogged.
      EDIT: 'handle. This told me that '

      > I think this problem could be remedied by bringing coffee filter for emergencies
      EDIT: 'bringing some coffee filter paper '
      Comment: I keep such a prefilter over the end at all times. It does help.

      > You could put the coffee filter over the end of the acorn to
      EDIT: we have a thing about not writing 'You do anything'. It's called projecting. While some cases are OK, it is
      usually best to get into the habit of always talking in the first person: I do this.

      > It worked great, now I don’t have to unpack my hydration bladder every time
      EDIT: 'It worked great. Now I don’t have '

      > I would highly recommend it to other hikers; in fact several people I have
      Comment: we try to avoid making recommendations. But the rest of your comments about other people are fair enough.

      > Could be made of titanium
      Comment only: but the cost!!!!