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67331Re: Shane's Predicament.

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  • chcoa
    Aug 31, 2005
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      Jerry, will you please repost with Shane's pay pal address spelled
      out the long way. I can't get it to work with the trucated version
      that comes over the yahoo group.

      Jamie D

      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "Chief Moderator"
      <ChiefModerator@B...> wrote:
      > Shane has been one of the spark plugs of BGT for quite awhile now.
      He always
      > steps up to the plate. He always does way more than his share.
      > He's in a bind. He has no job. He may have no house. He does have a
      > daughter, and brand new baby.
      > His situation is one of our deepest fears....he can't feed his
      family for
      > the short term and is relying on the kindness of strangers.
      > We're not strangers. He's one of us.
      > It's time to give back.
      > I was going to go to the ALDHA-West Gathering. It was going to be
      > entertaining and I was going to give a talk on BGT.
      > I live on a fixed income. That was my big shot for the month.
      > But Shane's situation just can't be ignored. I'm sending the money
      I would
      > have spent on the trip to Shane's PayPal account at
      > shane@t...
      > He needs our help. Let's try our best to return just a little bit
      of what
      > he's done for us.
      > It's only fair.
      > Jerry
      > http://www.BackpackGearTest.org : the most comprehensive
      interactive gear
      > reviews and tests on the planet.
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