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66645APPROVAL: Owner Review - REI Lightweight MTS Long Sleeve Crew - Phillip Engle

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  • Roger Caffin
    May 30, 2005
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      Owner Review - REI Lightweight MTS Long Sleeve Crew - Phillip Engle

      Hi Phillip

      One small point: you put the html version in the Tests/Tests folder. That's
      where we put test uploads of TEST reports. You should have put it in the
      Test/OwnerReviews folder. No matter, I found it. That's OK.

      We have some discretion here. I could ask you to fix the length of the bio
      and 'good/well' and then repost on this channel, but how about I rely on you
      to fix both of these before uploading to the correct folder? That will be in


      Roger Caffin
      BGT Editor
      > Backpacking Background: I've been backpacking since about 1975 (30 years).
      EDIT: still 123 words. The ruling is that it must be no longer than 100
      words. Sorry about that.

      > an anti-microbial finish that resists odor-causing bacteria
      Comment: I gather this does not work. :-) One could go to town here with
      criticisms, but I think your paragraph later on is sufficient. A delicate

      > After a year of use as a cold weather undershirt and 10
      > days with a 35+ lb (16+ kg) pack, I see no signs of pilling.
      > I have noticed a small amount of
      > fraying on the shoulder seams that ride beneath the pack straps.
      Comment for the future: it is not entirely clear how long you have worn this
      shirt actually backpacking. There has been some tightening of the rules over
      this recently. I think the 10 days should be enough for this shirt, combined
      with the length of time you have had it, but it might be a good idea to make
      sure that items such as packs etc do get a slightly longer test period in
      backpacking use.

      > especially for something that insulates this good.
      EDIT: do me a favour and change this from 'good' to 'well'. It fixes the
      grammar, which I missed the first time around. (Good is an adjective,
      whereas you need an adverb here.)
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