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6658Re: [BackpackGearTest] Hammock and the GA RUCK

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  • Rob
    Jan 2, 2002
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      GA RUCK Jan18-20, Amicalola(sp?) state park
      I'll be bringing my Hennessy original, possibly an
      ultralight if I break down and buy one(twist my arm),
      an Amazonas backpacker, a Lawson, and hopefully a
      Crazy Creek if it gets here in time. I'm also bringing
      a few of my cold weather insulation experiments.

      BTW, I am now famous(at least in my mind). I also have
      a possible trail name. Thanks Tom!


      --- rosaleen43@... wrote:

      > Hi, All-
      > This is for Rachel and others who want to experience
      > what the Hennessy hoopla
      > is about. Some of us true believers are bringing
      > our HH's to any hiker
      > gathering we can get to, and are willing to let you
      > all (one at a time) crawl
      > in, stretch out, and get the feel of a Hennessy at
      > no risk. I've got three
      > different ones that I own, including the Safari
      > prototype. Seeing the
      > UltraLite will give an idea of the trend in fabrics
      > of the lighter, newer
      > models, the Safari prototype will give the
      > palatially spacious feeling of the
      > newer Safari Models, and the original hammock is
      > similar to the current
      > Expedition model.
      > I'm making plans to get to the PA RUCK Jan. 25.
      > Someone else (I think it is
      > David.) is going to the Southern one- I think it's
      > in Georgia the weekend of
      > January 18. We will likely all be showing off our
      > favorite gear, I'll bring
      > "My Precious"-the Titan Kettle, and other favorites,
      > as well. This will be
      > my first RUCK, and I am looking forward to meeting
      > some of the people whose
      > posts I've enjoyed and seeing some ideas to help me
      > hike better.
      > Rosaleen

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