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  • will jeffries
    Apr 2, 2005
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      wow, didn't realize 100 words was so few. I promise
      i'm going to get all these units and interger stuff
      right some day. thanks.

      OWNER REVIEW: Moonstone 800 Lucid Sleeping Bag
      Review Date: March 16 2005

      Reviewer Information
      Name: Will Jeffries
      Age: 18
      Gender: Male
      Height: 5' 6" (1.68 meters)
      Weight: 135 lbs (61 kg)
      City: Charleston
      State: South Carolina
      Country: USA
      E-mail: willjeffs@...

      Reviewer Biography: I have been an avid backpacker
      for over eight years and also have interests in
      mountain biking, rock climbing, and kayaking. The
      majority of my hiking experiences have taken place on
      the Appalachian Trail in northern Georgia and western
      North Carolina. I prefer to travel as light as
      possible, but I am guilty of hauling the kitchen sink
      on shorter weekend trips in the flatlands of South
      Carolina. Most of my trips range from 3 to 4 days of
      about 16 miles per day. I enjoy sleeping late and
      going to bed early and a nap at lunch is always time
      well spent.

      Product information

      a. Manufacturer: Moonstone
      b. Year of manufacture: 2004
      c. URL: http://www.moonstone.com
      d. Listed weight: 1 lb 12 oz (795 g)
      e. Weight as delivered: 1 lb 13 oz (822 g)
      f. Bag length: regular 5� 9� (1.75 m)
      g. Stuff size: 7.5� x 8� (19 cm x 20 cm)
      h. Outside fabric: 30D Pertex� X-Ray 1.1
      i. Inside fabric: nylon taffeta
      j. MSRP: $260 USD
      k. Description: 20 degree F (-7 C) mummy sleeping bag.

      Field Information
      I have used the Moonstone sleeping bag in a variety of
      climates. I used the bag for a couple of winter trips
      in the cold and humid mountains of western North
      Carolina. On my winter trips I have used the sleeping
      bag inside a shelter, inside a tent, and under the
      stars. All of the winter trips got below 30 degrees F
      (-1 C) at night with two nights under 25 degrees F (-4
      C). I also used the bag for a two-week canoe trip in
      northern Maine with nighttime lows ranging around 55
      degrees F (13 C). This bag has even endured the
      sweltering heat of coastal South Carolina.

      After years of lugging around my ancient, 4 lb (1.8
      kg), 20 degree F (-7 C) mummy bag, I decided that it
      was finally time to fork out some money and upgrade my
      sleeping bag. That�s when my search for my perfect
      3-season bag began, and I believe I found that bag in
      the Moonstone 800 Lucid.

      The 800 Lucid weighs in at a mere 1 lb 12 oz (795 g)
      and stuffs small thanks to the 800+ fill power goose
      down. During my research I found that the Lucid
      provided the least weight for the lowest cost, which
      was a requirement with my budget. The Lucid only
      weighed 2 or 3 ounces (55 or 85 grams) more than bags
      that cost over $100 (USD) more, so I saved my money
      and bought the Lucid. The bag is so light that I
      actually thought the box was empty when I picked it up
      off my doorstep. I had also had a hard time believing
      that the big bag would fit into the tiny stuff sack
      until I actually stuffed it. The bag was not hard to
      stuff into the stuff sack and came with a large bag
      for long term storage. The stuff sack is a simple,
      lightweight bag with one draw cord.

      I have used this bag in climates ranging from a winter
      hike in the Pisgah National Forest of North Carolina
      to an early spring camping trip in the lowcountry of
      South Carolina. A rare feature in many ultralight
      bags, the Lucid comes with a full-length, two-way
      zipper that served me well in the humid lowcountry.
      When the temperatures dropped below 25 F (-4 C) on my
      last winter hike, I was nice and toasty inside my
      Moonstone. I stayed warm all night wearing only
      boxers and a polypro top, even though I was sleeping
      under the stars and I didn�t even use the hood. The
      bag sheds the morning dew with ease thanks to the DWR
      finish on the lightweight Pertex nylon. This Pertex
      nylon is known as X-ray because the down can be seen
      through the fabric. I have found that the fabric
      handles regular wear and tear such as fluffing and
      stuffing, and performs fine as long as you sleep on a
      ground cloth or pad. The seams have proved to be very
      strong and durable. This bag sports all the features
      of a performance sleeping bag, including a full length
      zipper, ground level side seams, variable fill levels,
      and a contoured hood. The side seams in the Lucid are
      at ground level, which helps the bag fit over your
      body better and retain heat more efficiently. The
      variable fill levels are designed so that there is
      more down in the baffles at your chest and feet and
      less in areas like your hips that don�t get cold as
      easily. This feature helps reduce weight and stuff
      size significantly. The contoured hood fits very well
      and has a draw cord over the top and bottom of the
      opening. The draw cords are easy to use in the dark
      and easy to keep out of your face while you sleep.
      The full length zipper was an excellent feature for
      the mild temperatures of my canoe trip in northern
      Maine. The full length zipper provided excellent air
      flow and ventilation, but still kept out the cold on
      my winter trip with its beefy draft tube that runs the
      entire length of the zipper. The small stuff size of
      the Lucid allowed it to easily fit inside my small dry
      bags. The construction helps keep this bag light, and
      the 800+ fill enables the bag to stuff to a small
      size. The regular length for this bag is a bit
      shorter than most. The bag is supposed to fit people
      up to 5� 9� (1.75 m), but if you are 5� 9� it will be
      a tight fit. This bag provides the perfect amount of
      extra room (2-3 inches) for my 5� 6� (1.68 m) frame.
      This also helps eliminate cold spots in my bag that I
      used to experience with my long length sleeping bag
      that had lots of extra room. This length is perfect
      for guys like myself that are a little shorter than
      most, and would even fit most women quite well.
      Overall, the Moonstone 800 Lucid is a high-performance
      mummy bag that exceeds expectations at a reasonable

      Likes: Light weight
      Small pack size

      Dislikes: White color does not hide dirt or stains
      No pocket for watch/flashlight/etc.


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