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65749Re: REPOST - Owner Review - Western Mountaineering Antelope Super with Dryloft

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  • edwardripleyduggan
    Mar 2, 2005
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      Hi Alex,

      Looking good! Please make the few changes below and upload a trial
      html version to the OR test folder on BGT at


      You will need to log-in first, natch.



      OR Editor, BGT



      > instance. In general, I pack heavy on food, an light on everything

      ### ...and light...

      > weather. This review will list the best components of the bag,

      ### This review will list the best aspects (characteristics?
      features?) of the bag. Components is the wrong word choice here.

      > I purchased the Antelope in 1999 when it was a top-level, expensive
      > bag. The manufacturer is based in the San Francisco bay

      ### Bay

      > water resistance. Western Mountaineering also makes notoriously

      ### notoriously has negative connotations. "notably" will do better

      > I also invested in the Dryloft fabric
      > which claims to boost warmth by 10 degrees. By this logic, my
      > Antelope is approved down to -5 degrees.

      ### Two issues here. Firsly, provide Centigrade equivalents for the
      temperatures (the reason for the insistence on this is that we have an
      international readership and most of the world uses metric).

      Secondly, in the rundown on the bag specifics you had indicated 5
      degrees F, -15 C. I just checked on the WM site. They now claim 5 F
      for both the microfiber and the Dryloft. I think the indicated boost
      in temperature of 10 F was over the nylon taffeta version, which they
      no longer offer, but was available when you purchased. Could you
      clarify this discrepancy as best as possible?

      > During 6 years of heavy use, averaging 3 weekends a month, the
      > stitching has held up, the Dryloft fabric shows no tears, and the
      > loft still keeps me toasty. In fact, it still maintains its
      > original 7" (17.78 cm)

      ### (18 cm) will do fine. When quoting metric equivalents, try to keep
      to the same level of accuracy as the US.

      That's about all I can see to poke holes in at present <g>. No,
      really, a good text, well done. The only thing that you did not touch
      on are the control cords for the hood and the draft tube. Should these
      perhaps be mentioned?
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