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652Re: [BackpackGearTest] PUR water filter information...

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    Jan 16, 2001
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      Interesting how different people have different experiences with the same gear. I actually have 2 Sweetwaters (don't ask....long embarrassing story). The oldest is ....gee, well over 6 years old, I guess. The newer one is about 2 years old. I've never had a moments trouble from either one of them. I've used them both quite a lot. One of them are what I carry as back up for anything else I'm trying. I saw a guy in the outfitters in Hot Springs N.C. that had broke the handle on his....just can't see how it happened.
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      I have a guardian sweetwater... tried it the first time on a canoe trip this past Oct...it broke after about 1/2 liter....manufacture said the check valve broke...they replaced it, but I still carry iodine tabs as back up...Mike
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