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65035RE: [BackpackGearTest] APPLICATION to Test TILLEY ENDURABLES HAT - Fuzzy

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  • James Birchall
    Feb 11 1:54 PM
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      Hello All,

      Dunno if anyone cares or if this is the appropriate place but...I just
      couldn't let this go by without comment. Selected testers be

      I'm new to the list (just joined yesterday) and hope I'm not breaking any
      unknown etiquette. A little background about me: I was a survival
      instructor with the Air Cadets in Canada (10 day group survival with a match
      and a canteen, 72 hour solo with the same), a park ranger in Algonquin Park,
      ON, an infantry private with the Canadian Forces, a canoe instructor, an
      orienteering instructor, an army cadet officer and, generally, a huge
      outdoor enthusiast.

      This is not an official review merely a courteous introduction , and a fan
      letter, prompted by a tilly hat. *grin*

      Don't understand why Tilly is testing their hat (they get a lot of abuse
      from regular owners who like to write in). In fact, I remember one letter
      about a zoo worker whose hat was eaten by an elephant, digested, and
      "recovered" the next day, without any damage save a strange odour. *grin*
      If you don't have a Tilly, get one. They rock.

      I lost mine shooting rapids (got a breaker over my head and hadn't secured
      the dummy strap) and picked it up a couple of days later eddied out in a
      pool. They float and it had my car keys. If it hadn't been a tilly, I
      would have had to walk the 500 km back home after the outtrip. I've worn it
      in arctic conditions and in desert sand. I've worn it in conditions where
      everyone else has bug-netting from head to toe and still the no-see-ems were
      getting in. For some reason, the top of my head was unaffected. I've had
      it run over by a tank, crushed in a sack for a month, sucked through the
      propellor of a De Haviland Beaver and run through a dryer with a pair of
      boots. Repeatedly. I thought about shooting it, but figured that would be
      too much. Did put it on top of an ammo box with an artillery simulator
      under it and it came through a little singed but no worse then that. It
      survivied two puppies, one with beaver feaver. It's stayed on while
      travelling in the back of a truck at 100 kph, while sailing on the ocean and
      while out enjoying the weather during a hurricane. Heck, it stayed on when
      the barbaque lid didn't.

      The only thing that bothered me about the hat was the cotton material
      rubbing on my forehead when I sweat and the general geekiness of wearing
      one. Got some nice tailor lady to put a leather sweat band in it and have
      loved it ever since.

      BTW, I've owned the same tilly hat for 15 years. The wife hates it.

      Chuck, if you get selected, enjoy your hat.

      James Birchall.
      Calgary, AB, Canada
      Gear test newbie

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