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  • Shane Steinkamp
    Sep 1, 2004
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      > Right. But THIS BACKPACKER, and I'm not alone, isn't
      > interested in gram-weenie cameras. My angle here is to tell
      > backpackers how the camera in question acts in the field.
      > That is to say, how much space does it take in the pack,
      > what steps needed to be taken in order to ensure it's safety
      > (drybag, bubble wrap, etc), what type of batteries does it
      > take, how do those batteries coupled with the
      > camera perform in cold temps, in general, how does the
      > camera perform in rain, snow, sand... when running down the
      > trail with it, etc.

      Yeah. That's what I said. Where's the confusion?

      > You're right. I didn't want to talk about a bunch of techno
      > mumbo-jumbo, but I think that any camera should be open to
      > review, from a backpacking perspective. Certainly, the
      > questions I've outlined above are valid to a backpacker,
      > apply to most cameras, and are simply not covered in most
      > technical review sites that concentrate on lab environments.
      > It's not about WHAT CAMERA we select as much as HOW the
      > review is written, IMO.

      Right. Perfectly true. I know someone who carries a large format camera
      when backpacking. That's great. The review is going to have to be from a
      backpacking angle.

      The simple fact, though, is that the vast majority of backpackers are not
      photo nuts and aren't going to lug the 15 pounds of camera equipment that
      some of us do. What you're talking about in that case is like writing a
      review of a Sealy Posturepedic mattress that you just love for

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