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55901Repost- Owner Review- Gerber LST Fine Edge lock-back knife

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  • David Posalski
    Jul 31, 2004
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      Owner Review- Gerber LST Fine Edge Pocket Knife

      Personal biographical information

      David Posalski
      5'11", 180 cm
      265lb , 120 kg
      Aloha, Oregon, USA
      I started backpacking as a kid in the Boy Scouts doing overnighters.
      I used to hate it with a passion. In the last few months, I have
      caught this bug that wants me to go out and see things that a
      relatively few people have seen. This has drawn me back to
      backpacking. I have found it to be the most enjoyable thing I know.
      I have gotten my wife involved and we get out and hike at least once
      a month. I generally carry about 40 lbs (18.14 kg) for a weekend

      Product information

      Purchased 1986
      URL- www.gerberblades.com
      Weight- 1.3 oz
      Dimensions- 3.5 in x 1.18 in closed (8.89 cm x 3 cm)

      This is a folding lock-back knife with a synthetic handle. According
      to the manufacturer, the design has remained largely unchanged since
      its release in 1980. The blade has a drop point and a satin finish.
      There is a nail slot for opening. It measures 2.56 in (65 mm)
      according to the website. It is not clear whether this is from the
      handle to the tip or the part that is sharpened, as there is area at
      the base of the blade that is not sharp. I have measured my blade
      and the sharpened area is 2.25 in (5.75 mm) after 18 years of use and
      sharpening. The black handle, made of Zytel, has a checkerboard
      design in the area where you would hold onto the knife and is smooth
      over the remainder of the handle. According to the
      website, they have changed to a "fiberglass-filled nylon"

      The measurement of the length of the knife handle is equal to
      the closed length and is 3.5in (89 mm). The handle is contoured to
      fit in the hand so that the grip is sure. The knife has a hole at
      the base of the handle that passes through the whole handle so that
      it is easily attachable to a key ring or to a lanyard. I have never
      had the knife slip when I have used it even with the smooth finish.
      After 18 years of use the handle is scuffed and scratched, but no
      deep gouged or cracks as of this date.

      Field information

      I have owned this knife since 1986 and it was purchased for
      me when I was a Boy Scout. This is the only piece of equipment that
      is still in service since my days as a Boy Scout. This is the one
      piece of equipment that has been entirely reliable and is still going
      strong. I have used this knife for all uses in the outdoors; cutting
      rope, food, whittling, and screwdriver. I have totally abused this
      blade and it holds a sharp edge like no other knife I have owned.
      Since that time, it has held a spot in my pocket and I use it as a
      pocketknife that I carry on an every day basis. I have tried to
      destroy this knife so that I can buy a new one, but it just keeps on

      Since I purchased this knife, I have found two designs that I
      would like to have different from the current design. It has a nail
      slot on the side of the blade that is designed for right-handers.
      Being left-handed, I just grip the top of the blade on both sides and
      open it. The mechanism is soft enough, when it is clean, to simply
      grip the blade and with a flick of the wrist, the knife will open and
      lock into place. I would not, however, recommend standing in front
      of me while I do this. I have yet to have it fly out of my fingers,
      but I am sure this is possible.

      When looking for a knife that locks open, a big concern is
      safety. This translates into making sure that the blade sits
      securely against the lock lever. The Gerber LST impressed me because
      when it is open, the seam from the lock lever to the blade is almost
      invisible. Many other knives that I have looked at have little gaps
      in this area or they don't meet flush. This is what finally sold
      me on this knife. It is a precision joint that reeked of quality. I
      have not been disappointed.
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