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  • AsABat
    Nov 3 5:16 PM
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      From: gordon-price

      >Jerry, take a look at what I did with the Impact test. I actually
      > stole Bill Jeffrey's idea (thanks Bill). I then added a link to the
      > product, as well as links to the tester folders.

      Looks good, Gordon. I find a link to the BGT tester file, but not to
      Princeton. Probably doesn't matter, as I plan to delete my status report
      file after the 6 month tests are done. Therefore, it's probably still best
      to have the reviewers do it - although Mara's bookmarks are probably a more
      reliable place for this.

      > If we want, I can strip all the test specific stuff out of the file, and
      >it to the files as a monitor report template. Than anyone who wants to
      > work with the HTML could use it, without needing to remove stuff first.

      Cool, but you might want to put some remarks in to make it easier to see
      where to put the data. That way someone not comfortable with HTML can still
      fill in the blanks. (I use good old Notepad for HTML coding, so I tend to
      keep it simple and easy to update.)

      Even better - Jerry, can we get access to the Database section and set up
      the monitor status databases there? Does Yahoogroups let us give all members
      rights to create databases but only the creator of a given database rights
      to modify that database?

      Bill Jeffrey

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