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55737Re: Test Call - Tarptent Cloudburst

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  • Andy Mytys
    Jul 28, 2004
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      We had a Shires tent hit about a year ago. At that time, I had
      asked about using it in the winter, as a six-month window would have
      me potentially using it in snow conditions. BGT talked to Henry,
      and he said that the shelter wasn't suited for winter conditions (at
      least not for supporting heavy/wet snows).

      I'm already testing a shelter and am very happy with it. I'm just
      bringing this point up so applicants think about their future use
      before blowing a lot of time on writing apps that might not be
      selected based on where they live and their hiking plans over the
      test period.

      Then again, this may no longer be a concern. Dennis?
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