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5545Red Ledge Thunderlight Raingear report 2 [revised]

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  • stcin@home.com
    Oct 31, 2001
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      Name: Ed St.Cin
      Height: 5'8"
      Weight: 235 lbs.
      Age: 58 yrs
      Home Base: Seattle, WA

      Product: Red Ledge Thunderlight Raingear

      Report 2

      Impressions after two days of use:

      This raingear is very comfortable. I have stayed warm and dry through
      two days of Seattle drizzle. I have worn the raingear while walking
      in the rain; shopping; driving, biking and gardening.

      I have found the features easy to use.

      The side zip pants are great. I am able to leave the side zips part
      way down allowing access to my inner garment pockets. The zippers did
      not slide down when left partly unzipped. My original concerns about
      what I thought was a lack of room around my quads was unfounded.
      After wearing them two days I have plenty of room. They are easy on
      and off. These pants are perfect for summer summit wind pants as well
      as rain pants.

      The Parka is my favorite. The pit zips aid ventalation without
      admitting water. The pocket flaps have Velcro tabs and zippers. The
      zippers can be closed or left open. Either way no rain was admitted.
      The Velcro closures on the pocket flaps have two modes. In their
      normal mode they will keep the pocket flaps closed keeping rain out.
      The Velcro tabs on the pocket flaps can also be hooked to a small
      matching tab on themselves. In the second mode the parka pockets can
      be easily used as hand warmer pockets. The wrist closures are
      adjusted by more Velcro tabs. The wrist openings have a wide range
      allowing them to be closed over ski mitts or bare wrists. I wear
      eyeglasses. The hood fits my head well but offers no rain protection
      for my glasses. I am overcoming that by wearing a cap under the hood.
      During hard hiking I would not wear my glasses therefore the hood
      would not be a problem. In the vest pockets of the parka I have
      carried paper towels both days. They remain dry, free from rain and


      These garments seem to be well made. The stitching is even and the
      seams are well formed. The seams are taped with a clear material that
      I have examined closely. The tape is well adheared on the seams. I
      will watch these for durability.