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52748Re: EDIT: Initial Report for Equinox Katahdin Pack - Michael Lissner

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  • Michael Lissner
    Jun 2, 2004
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      See responses below...

      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, Cora <cahhmc@y...> wrote:
      > Thanks, Mike.
      > I am glad things are finally working out and settling
      > down for you. I hope Berkeley is treating you well.

      ####It is indeed. Very well in fact. I do love the summertime.

      > It seems like you've done a lot of great research for
      > this IR, good work. My Edits and Comments follow.
      > -Cora
      > > Advertised Weight: 264 g (22 oz)*
      > Edit: 22 oz is not 264 g

      ####Fair enough...
      > > Measured Weight: ?????????????????**
      > Edit: Please actually put a weight here for upload :)

      > > the Equinox web-site, the weight is not given. On
      > > the Campmor
      > > web-site, the weight is given as 709 g (25 oz). On
      > > backcountrygear.com, it's given as 567 g (20 oz).
      > > The weight I have
      > > listed above is what Equinox put on their hang tag
      > > which came with the
      > > pack.
      > Comment: BGT tends to try to stay away from mentioning
      > vendors in this way. Equinox shouldn't need to be
      > held accountable for the errors of their retailers,
      > and so just putting the advertised weight on the hang
      > tag would be sufficient.
      ####I wondered about this when I included it. It's fixed in the new

      > > five pockets in all: One central pocket that opens
      > > at the top with a
      > > drawstring for dumping all of your big items into;
      > Edit: Bringing the style over from owner review
      > editing, the word "you" and all derivatives should not
      > be used in reviews. It has been viewed to be
      > equivalent to projecting. You can simply replace all
      > the uses of it with "me", "my" and derivatives. Of
      > course, when you are telling your reader to look at
      > pictures and whatnot, it's fine; just avoid it in
      > telling the reader what they should/n't do with gear.
      ###After having written a few owner reviews, I have the you/your fears
      well engrained in my mind, so I knew I was breaking rules when I wrote
      this. I thought I might be able to get away with it since it is so far
      removed from real projecting. Ah well. It's been fixed.

      > > My other
      > > pack, the Granite
      > > Gear Vapor Trail is made from a heavier weight of
      > > the material, and it
      > > has held up beautifully,
      > Comment: This is getting sort of close to a shoot-out.
      > Perhaps consider saying simply that you have another
      > pack with similar, heavier material and that it has
      > done fine?
      > > material also seems kind of unusual to me, but,
      > > having never had an
      > > ultralight pack before, it could just be something I
      > > have never seen.
      > Comment: Just a note (don't want to impinge on style),
      > but you just mentioned above that you use the Vapor
      > Trail, which is pretty lightweight. I sure did a
      > double take when you said you never owned such a pack.
      ###Since I no longer say that my other pack is a GG Vapor Trail (b/c
      of the comment you made above), this isn't as much of a problem, but
      from what I understand, an ultralight pack usually weighs in at closer
      to one pound, whereas the Vapor Trail weighs in at 2, a lightweight pack.

      > > and some stakes and then tighten the strap, the
      > > stakes will get
      > > smashed into the DEET and the compass, potentially
      > > creating all kinds
      > > of navigational and messy problems.
      > Comment: I didn't quite catch this... did you
      > actually experiment with DEET and stakes, or are you
      > projecting?
      ###I guess I am projecting, but only in so much as I would do if I
      were to say that a knife can cut the material. I'll make it more
      obvious nonetheless.

      > > about them though: If
      > > you put small or skinny things in them, these items
      > > will fall out
      > > through the mesh.
      > Edit: Another case of the dreaded "you"...


      > > can be adjusted vertically to create accomodate a
      > Edit: ...accommodate...

      > > ice ax loop and D rings on the shoudler straps. It
      > Edit: ...shoulder..

      Thanks for the edits. I am glad they got to me tonight, as tomorrow I
      am headed out to test the pack. The file should be uploaded tomorrow,
      once I have weighed the pack.

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