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52711Re: [BackpackGearTest] Open Calls

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  • Thomas Peltier@Goldenautomotive.com
    Jun 1, 2004
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      I'm back in the pocket for the day. I AM GOING (as opposed to am going
      to try, positive thinking and all) post my Aloksak report that has been
      edited. If time permits I will submit an application for the stove. I
      am back out of Pocket again for a short trip to Los Angeles to pick my
      parents up from the airport, back here tonight and then Wed. morning I"m
      off for a two day back country trip. I will not return until either
      Friday morning in which case I will be OOP again for the weekend or
      possibly Monday morning. (If I do not return to work on Friday). All
      this being said I may or may not be available to respond to
      acceptance/rejection of my applications over the next week.
      To add to all of this my dog decided to take of on Friday afternoon
      and has not returned. He is not at any of the local vets or pounds so I
      can only believe that he is stuck in a strangers backyard or he has
      taken himself on an extended walk about. In the midst of my obligations
      out of town I am doing everything I can to find him. If the stars line
      up, the gods smile, luck falls my way, and some other lucky thing
      happens I will post my report, turn in an application, find my dog, get
      my parents, transfer work responsibilities, make the back country trip
      all without a hitch. The only part of this thing that's really hard is
      the missing dog.
      Anyhow, that is my life in a nutshell over the next week, I'll stay
      in touch when possible and respond to anything I need to and am able
      to. I'll be around all day today and I'll try to touch base on Friday
      if I come home or find myself near a computer. You all play nice this
      week. Hope everybody had a great Memorial Day weekend here in the
      states and a great weekend in general around the world.

      Tom Peltier II
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