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527Re: [BackpackGearTest] Difference in HH's

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  • Jack Voss
    Dec 12 6:26 AM
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      Bryan <bsignorelli@... 11 December, 2000 10:11:44 PM> asked about "Staying dry in rain storms:"

      I camped in Lake Superior Provincial park three months ago, and we had a HEAVY rainstorm overnight. I had positioned an auxiliary rainfly over the hammock, and sustained no leakage. Before that, I had gotten mist blown into the hammock. In my experience, the very ends of the rain fly are way too narrow and pointed. A rain fly should have lots of overhang to keep the occupant dry in windy-rainy conditions.

      It's true that you can re-rig the fly to seal out most rain & wind, but not, of course, without first getting out into the rain and wind. And then after you re-enter the sealed up hammock, you may be in a sauna. I intend to add some "wings" onto the ends of the fly. These will expand the ends out to about 2'-3' wide, and extend back along the edge about 2' towards the center. I will tie them to the tree, and put a stick between them to extend them out somewhat horizontally. This will provide area to stop rain, and allow breeze.

      My experience is, that a rain fly should provide several services:
      Shelter from the rain - when desired
      Shelter from the wind - when desired
      Open area for breeze & ventilation - when desired
      I find difficulty with catenary cut flies - they look neat but can fall short of providing the shelter needed. The closer to rectangular a fly is, the better it is able to provide the required shelter.

      If I were a back packer, I would go for the Ultra Light Hennessy Hammock. I camp in a kayak, and use the standard hammock. Fantastic piece of gear - and it will be even better (only in my opinion) with the wings added to the rain fly. I camp in a kayak, and carry an auxiliary rain fly from <cookecustomsewing.com>. It is what I have found to work well for me.


      Kayak Jack
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