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50976RE: Amigo mermaids

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  • Roger Caffin
    May 2, 2004
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      > > However, some of the filter suppliers do claim to meet the EPA standards
      > > protozoa and bacteria, and have lab results to support these claims. I
      > > that reassuring.
      > @@@ I guess they can claim pretty much anything they like.... ;o)
      True. However, on request they have provided me with photocopies of reports
      from Universities and accredited micro-biology testing organisations from
      around the world, plus copies of published research papers. Could all be
      fudged, but somehow it seems unlikely.

      > > available in Australia, or possibly the Miox. These latter two both use
      > > chlorine dioxide, which is even better than pentavalent iodine.
      > @@@ It is *much* better, in that it actually works.... ;o)
      Well, the pentavalent iodine was developed under contract to NASA for use in
      space. I have read some of the research papers published in international
      journals. But it is true that crypto is fairly resistant to iodine and even
      pentavalent iodine takes several hours to work on it.

      > > > other major manufacturer's filters either, for that matter. If you
      > > > come to the US don't risk drinking the water.
      > > OUCH!
      > > (Bring on the Coke?)
      > @@@ Hasn't killed any of us yet.... ;o)
      Er ... You are talking about the Coke? The epitome of American culture?

      It does seem that some people do not develop the symptoms of giardiasis.
      Perhaps you are lucky?

      Roger Caffin
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