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  • Jerry Goller
    May 1 4:56 PM
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      Sent: Saturday, May 01, 2004 5:24 PM
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      Subject: [BackpackGearTest] RE: Amigo mermaids

      Jerry replied:

      > ### The only filter I know of that carries an EPA certification is the
      > General Ecology First Need Water Purifiers. All others (Katadyn Pur,
      > MSR, etc.), that I know of, are listed as filters, not purifiers. The
      > EPA has
      > certification or standards for filters.
      That is my understanding too, and I have bought and used all the others.
      However, some of the filter suppliers do claim to meet the EPA standards for
      protozoa and bacteria, and have lab results to suport these claims. I find
      that reassuring.

      @@@ I guess they can claim pretty much anything they like.... ;o)

      > > Is there any more information about the pore size or independant lab
      > > for what it will remove in the categories of protozoa, bacteria,
      > > viruses
      > > chemicals?
      > ### Contact Seychelle.
      OK, it is a Seychelle filter. That is important information which was not
      listed on the web site.

      @@@ I can't think of a manufacturer that lists the OEM's for their gear or
      parts of their gear. And that isn't just outdoor manufacturers. But it's
      pretty easy to identify on sight.

      > > My concern is that '99.8%' removal does not meet any EPA standards
      > > for anything, and if this is applied to either protozoa (eg Giardia)
      > > or
      > > (eg E coli) it would leave enough nasties in the water for it to
      > > remain
      > > health hazard. It would be very useful to know what risks we might
      > > be
      > > with our own health.
      > ### Then I don't think I'd risk testing this one, if I were you.
      I agree. I will opt out.

      @@@ Good plan.

      > Boiling is
      > the only certain way to kill *all* the nasties under any water
      > conditions.
      > suggest you use that. BTW, none of the major filter manufacturers,
      > that I
      > aware of, advertise their products as EPA approved.
      Where I have no worries about viruses I use a Katadyn Hiker. It is somewhat
      of a 'standard' around the world. Where there are virus concerns I use
      Coghlans iodine, although I would like to try the Aquamira when it becomes
      available in Australia, or possibly the Miox. These latter two both use
      chlorine dioxide, which is even better than pentavalent iodine.

      @@@ It is *much* better, in that it actually works.... ;o)

      @@@ Iodine isn't nearly as effective as they would have you believe,
      particularly in practical concentrations. The military has gone away from it
      for a good reason. Notice they never mention CRYPTOSPORIDIUM, among other

      > Also, lab testing
      > indicates that the municipal water supplies of most all US cities of
      > any significant size have levels of the aforementioned nasties higher
      > that the listed after filter levels listed for the Seychelle. Or any
      > other major manufacturer's filters either, for that matter. If you
      > come to the US
      > risk drinking the water.
      (Bring on the Coke?)

      @@@ Hasn't killed any of us yet.... ;o)

      Sorry, but I have had Giardia a couple times (I know where the source was)
      and as a result I am a trifle sensitive to water safety. The affliction is
      pretty bad, but the cure is even worse.

      @@@ Interesting. I've never been dosed, in 50 years of backpacking (although
      I did get real live, honest to God, dysentery in Viet Nam a few times from
      untreated well water). We rarely had halizone (iodine) tabs so we just
      didn't treat the water. I don't even use a filter all the time. I guess the
      idea of growing your own bugs to kill the other bugs must work... ;o) I
      also believe it is because I rarely hike with anyone else.

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