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50911APPROVAL:OR:Granite Gear Air Compressor Stuff sack:SHANE B

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  • graham blamey
    May 1, 2004
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      Nice work. You've captured everything except a couple of typo's that slipped
      through, (see below), so when you've fixed these, you can upload your review

      <<<<<<please ensure you use all the link>>>>>>

      When uploading your Owner Review, please ensure you select the button
      marked Owner Review.

      If you require assistance with your upload, please ask in our Yahoo! support
      group, BGTFileUploadHelp @

      I strongly urge you to make use of the test upload folder at Reviews >Test
      or http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/test to test your upload before
      uploading the review to its new home.

      If this is your second approved review and you have submitted a Tester
      Agreement which has been acknowledged, you are now eligible to participate
      in the testing process by applying for tests. Further details at

      Thanks again and I look forward to further contributions from you,
      BGT Edit Moderator

      >> spring - fall. The fall of 2003 I began my introduction to

      ### should be '...In the fall of 2003...'

      > Compression was simple and achieved by alternately tightening straps
      > on opposite sides of the stuff sack, a few inches at a time, until I
      > had tightened them as far as the could go.

      ### should be '...as they could go...'

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