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49318Re: Copies of ASTM standards?

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  • Tom Jones
    Apr 1, 2004
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      The Pack Volume standard works like this (from memory):

      Obtain a quantity of 3/4" hard plastic spheres. These are spread on
      the surface of tanks to limit evaporation, and are available from
      many suppliers.

      Fill the pack with the spheres. Simulation of actual field
      conditions is encouraged, but is left to the discretion of the
      tester. The pack should be filled to the "just full" point. If a
      spindrift collar is present, it should not be filled; or filled, and
      the measurement given seperately. 3-D zippered pockets on the
      outside can be filled. Flat, pleated, and not-fully-closable pockets
      should be filled to the extent that the manufacturer expects they
      would be used in the field.

      The spheres are then poured into a rigid rectangular box, and the
      total volume measured mechanically.


      Comment: not a bad way to measure volume. If you use something
      dense, like beans, it distorts the pack and the volume goes up. The
      plastic spheres are an appropriate density.

      Of course the system only works if lots of people use it.


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