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49223RE: [BackpackGearTest] Re: re jetboil boil times

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  • Paul Schilke
    Apr 1, 2004
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      I think the small pot size is detrimental to snow melting.


      Paul Schilke

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      //Not same same. Ice would have melting properties quite a bit different
      //snow......I'd think.

      Just my two pennies here:

      Absolutely. Ice is water in a solid state. Snow is a mixture of water and
      air. They reduce very differently. Also if you have never had to make
      water from snow there are some tricks. Technique is very important. I
      don't know that my technique is the best but I do know that if you don't add
      some water to the pan when making the snow it will take much much longer. I
      find that I like to add a fair amount of water and stir regularly. That is
      just what has worked for me. It's also important to take into consideration
      what type of snow you are melting. In my mind the efficacy test with water
      or even with melting ice cubes tells me a lot about how much snow it will
      melt. I am very interested in your snow melting success for sure but I
      expect that the conditions and variables of melting snow will in the long
      run make the efficiency tests with water boiled will tell me a lot more.
      How lone will that baby humm on how much fuel is what I want to know because
      melting snow seems to always take a long time.

      Pura Vida

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