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49222RE: [BackpackGearTest] RE: Re: re jetboil boil times

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  • Paul Schilke
    Apr 1, 2004
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      The fins are on the bottom near the flame. Oh.... you don't mean
      condensation on the fins...


      Paul Schilke

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      Subject: [BackpackGearTest] RE: Re: re jetboil boil times

      > Hmmmm... When I use it, the heat exchanger fins get pretty hot. I'd be
      > stunned if condensation formed.

      Can happen.
      Put a lot of snow in a pot, pack it full, then put it on a stove running at
      low or medium.
      You might well find condensation forming around the top of the pot. Burnt
      fuel makes a lot of water vapour.

      Roger Caffin

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