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43446Re: [BackpackGearTest] Xikar Xi 138 Field Report (Dr. Bob)

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  • Michael Wheiler
    Dec 16, 2003
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      Dr. Bob:

      Decided to stay up late tonight and get these edits out so you can get this
      report uploaded ASAP. I know both Andrew and I would like to get the Field
      Reports finalized for this series. My very few comments/edits/suggestions


      Field Information:

      I usually carry the knife inside my front left pants pocket, and have only
      on an occasion used the clip as an attachment for the knife on my pocket.

      ***This sentence is a little awkward to read. I think you are saying that
      you "have only on an occasion used the clip to attach the knife to my
      pocket." As written, I can't tell if you are using the clip as an
      attachment for the knife. Consider rewriting this sentence.

      Initial Testing:

      ***Do you mean Field Testing?

      I have always carried a pocket knife with me at all times, ever since I was
      kid. I have used this knife while at the office, opening mail, packages and
      cutting cardboard. Around the house my knife is used for cutting rope, nylon
      strap, paper, small diameter wire and cardboard boxes.

      ***In the field, I expand*ed* the use of my knife to include cutting
      vegetables and meat while cooking and eating.

      ***Were any of the above mentioned items more difficult to cut than others?
      How so? Did the Xi make clean cuts or did it tear or fray the material?

      The Temperature has ranged from 20 to 80 degrees F ( C). The weather for
      the most part has been hot and dry; however, I have had a few days of rain
      and cooler temperatures.

      ***Did the weather affect the usability of the Xi? Did certain weather
      require more maintenance on the knife?

      *** "I have noticed in the past couple of weeks that the knife has seemed to
      loose its edge and cutting small diameter rope and nylon strap has become
      more difficult." Just a suggestion to keep the sentence in consistent
      tense: "I noticed in the past couple of weeks that the Xi seemed to have
      lost its edge and cutting...."

      *** "I can feel, with my fingernail, where the blade has rolled to one
      side." Is this visible to the eye? Can you take a picture of this? The
      reason I ask is that I am not sure I can visulize what you are saying about
      the blade rolling to one side.

      Test Plan:

      ***Any specific plans for how you are going to test the Xi? For example, if
      it is now less sharp than you would like, how do you plan to test the ease
      of sharpening and how long the blade holds the new edge?

      1: Locking mechanism makes it very easy to cut yourself when closing the

      ***What about the locking mechanism makes this so?

      2: The blade becoming dull so quickly*.*

      Overall nicely done. Make whatever changes you deem appropriate and upload.
      Thanks for getting this done.

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