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43376Xikar Xi 138 Field Report (Dr. Bob)

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  • Drbobwilborn@aol.com
    Dec 15, 2003
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      Finally got it finished!! I have also uploaded this report into the test
      folder, level 1

      Dr. Bob

      Field Report on XIKAR 138 Excel knife

      Name: Robert W. Wilborn, D.C.
      Email: drbobwilborn@...
      Age: 43
      Gender: Male
      Height: 6'3" (190.5 cm)
      Weight: 260 lbs (118 kg)
      Location: North Texas
      Date: December 15, 2003

      Backpacking Background:
      I have been backpacking and hiking for the past 20 years. I try and get out
      at least twice a month, with the exception of the hot months here in Texas,
      when it’s just too uncomfortable to get out and do much of anything. I hike and
      backpack with my two teenage sons, and I have been trying to introduce my wife
      into some small backpacking trips. I am very active with my son's Scout troop
      and I am currently one of the advisors for the high adventure patrol, made up
      of high school aged boys. Currently I do not consider my pack as lightweight,
      but I have been attempting to cut the pack to a more manageable weight. I use
      a hammock as my main shelter and I am replacing some of my gear with lighter
      weight items, as my budget will allow.

      Product Information:
      Manufacturer: XIKAR Inc.
      Year of manufacture: 2003
      Company phone number: 888-266-1193
      Listed Weight: 1.3 oz. (36 gm)
      Weight delivered: 1.3 oz. (36 gm)
      Length of knife closed: 3 ¼” (8 cm)
      Length of blade: 2 ¼ (5.5 cm)
      Color: Brushed aluminum with a black textured handle

      Field Information:
      I have carried this knife with me everyday since it arrived. I usually carry
      the knife inside my front left pants pocket, and have only on an occasion used
      the clip as an attachment for the knife on my pocket. However, I have used
      the clip to attach the knife to the webbing on my day pack, backpack and PFD
      while kayaking.

      Initial Testing:
      I have always carried a pocket knife with me at all times, ever since I was a
      kid. I have used this knife while at the office, opening mail, packages and
      cutting cardboard. Around the house my knife is used for cutting rope, nylon
      strap, paper, small diameter wire and cardboard boxes. In the field, I expand
      the use of my knife to include cutting vegetables and meat while cooking and

      The Temperature has ranged from 20 to 80 degrees F ( C). The weather for the
      most part has been hot and dry; however, I have had a few days of rain and
      cooler temperatures.

      When this knife first arrived, I tested the sharpness of the blade by holding
      the blade at 45 degrees and slicing a piece of paper. The instructions stated
      that if the paper tears then it is time to sharpen the blade. I have used
      this knife almost everyday for the past eight weeks and at the time of this
      report, I repeated the paper test. My knife did not pass the sharpness test. It
      began to tear the paper, or would not cut through at all. I have noticed in the
      past couple of weeks that the knife has seemed to loose its edge and cutting
      small diameter rope and nylon strap has become more difficult. An inspection of
      the blade reveals a small flattened spot on the blade about 1/3 the distance
      from the tip. I can feel, with my fingernail, where the blade has rolled to one
      side. I am not sure how this happened. I cannot remember using the knife in a
      way for this to occur. I am a little disappointed that the knife has lost its
      edge so quickly. I always keep a sharp knife, and have always carried a good
      quality knife. I cannot remember the last time one of my pocket knifes became
      dull so quickly. I usually don’t abuse my knifes and I have not used this
      knife in a manner what would have dulled the blade so quickly. Oh well, I guess
      this gives me the opportunity to test the ease of sharpening the blade.

      Other than the above mentioned rolled edge, the blade looks brand new. There
      are not any discolorations or scratch marks on the face of the blade at this
      time. However, I used the knife to cut some hot links apart and I did notice
      some discolorations on the blade when I washed it off. The discolorations
      started to fade after a week and cannot be noticed now. This makes me wonder what
      kind of preservatives were in those hot links. The open slit in the top of the
      blade becomes filled with residue when cutting and spreading soft items, such
      as cheese and peanut butter, but it is very easy to clean out.

      The handle of the knife has a few scratches, but for the most part still
      looks extremely well after eight weeks of testing. I carry loose change and keys
      in the same pocket with my knife and I have not noticed that these items are
      damaging the knife. The knife continues to open very easy, with the use of the
      pegs located on both sides of the blade. I have become accustom to opening the
      knife with one hand, with either my right or left hand. I have attempted to
      open the knife with a pair of leather gloves on my hands, without much success.
      I always take my gloves off to open the blade. The liner lock in the handle
      continues to function very well and shows no sign of wear. The blade still fits
      inside the handle with no lateral movement detected and the locking mechanism
      keeps the blade locked open until it is released.

      The clip is still quite strong. When I received this knife, I attached the
      clip to a piece of paper. The clip held the knife on the paper and did not allow
      the knife to slide. I repeated the paper test and the clip again held the
      knife without it sliding. I am very impress with the strength and quality of this
      clip. Although I have not used the clip on a daily basis, I have attached the
      knife to the webbing of my day pack, backpack and PFD several times, and the
      knife stays where I attached it without any movement. While carrying the knife
      in my pocket, I have noticed on several occasions that when I take my keys
      out of my pocket, the clip catches on the keys and the knife comes flying out
      with the keys. Each time this has happened, I hear the knife hit the ground and
      fortunately I have not lost the knife, yet. I have corrected this by making
      sure I don’t have my keys in the same pocket as my knife. I can remove the clip
      on the knife, but I don’t want to do that until this test period is over.

      Test Plan:
      My test plan will include carrying this knife with me, in my pocket, for day
      to day use. I also intend to take the knife with me on all of my upcoming day
      hikes and backpacking trips, which include trips to the LBJ Grassland National
      Park, Cross Timbers Trail and Lake Ray Roberts Greenbelt. Hopefully we will
      also get some time on the Ouchita Trail this Spring.

      1: Small size and light weight
      2: Quality of workmanship
      3: Hollow opening across the top of the blade makes it very easy to open

      1: Locking mechanism makes it very easy to cut yourself when closing the
      2: The blade becoming dull so quickly

      I would like to thank BackPackGearTest.org and XIKAR for the opportunity to
      test this product.
      Robert W. Wilborn, D.C.

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