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42722Re: REVISED OWNER'S REVIEW Osprey Ceres 70

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  • Graham Blamey
    Dec 2, 2003
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      <ChiefModerator@B...> wrote:
      > That has got to be the most polite, tactful way of saying "Hey,
      > my &^%$^*&%$ edit!"

      Indeed it is boss and may I say (just as tactfully I hope) that Chase
      should check Yahoo message No.42516 dated Nov. 26, where Tom APPROVED
      Chase's Review (with some additional edits to be done)
      Chase, if you're not familiar with the upload process read the

      When you've completed the edits Tom asked you to do, you can upload
      your review to:

      Make sure you use all of the link.
      When you upload the HTML copy of your Owner Review please click the
      button labelled, Owner Review. The file name is not relevant.

      I strongly recommend that you do a test upload to the test upload
      folder at
      Reviews > Test or <http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/test>. This
      allows you to check that all is well with your Owner Review before you
      place it on the main site. One problem area which comes all to often,
      URL not being hot (clickable). Please verify that all links in your
      Review work ok when uploaded.

      If you require assistance with your upload, please ask in our Yahoo!
      support group,
      BGTFileUploadHelp @

      Any other questions you might have, come back to us,
      BGT Edit Moderator
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