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42673Re: [BackpackGearTest] Re: MSR MIOX Purifier

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  • Clifford R. Haynes
    Dec 1, 2003
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      Quote from MSR's web page follows:
      The MIOX® Purifier represents a revolution in water treatment. It's
      ultralight, compact, and easy to use-with no pumping, maintenance, or iodine

      a.. No pumping required
      Just add water, shake, and press a button.
      b.. Purifies water without iodine
      No health risk or unpleasant iodine taste.
      c.. Great for large volumes of water
      Perfect for groups or extended trips.
      d.. Ultralight and compact
      Fits in your pocket to go anywhere.
      e.. Reliable purification
      Inactivates all viruses, bacteria, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium.
      Dwell times
      Viruses, bacteria: 15 min.
      Giardia: 30 min.
      Cryptosporidium: 4 hrs.

      Pen: 3.5 oz./99 g
      Kit: 8 oz./227 g

      Kit includes
      MIOX® Purifier, salt, batteries, safety-indicator strips, instruction
      booklet, quick-reference card, and storage sack.

      Available October
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