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3884Re: Report compliance

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  • richard.dreher@jacobs.com
    Aug 1, 2001
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      Issue #1 is a toughie, I'm not sure that a pay-as-you-don't-go system
      accomplishes your goal. If someone has to pay for their piece of gear
      because they don't file a report, we still haven't achieved 100%
      compliance, have we?. An additional headache for you is deciding when
      to pull the payment trigger. Do you do it within a day, a week, a
      month of the deadline? What if they're a day late with their report--
      do they get a 50% refund? Would it have any impact with a $12 item
      test or only with big ticket items? One thing I'm certain you don't
      want is to attach a dollar value to a given test--you want the
      quality to be the same for a $10 flashlight as it is for a $150
      sleeping bag.

      In addition, do you want potential legal entanglements resulting from
      gathering and holding CC#s?, not to mention the inevitable eruptions
      that will happen when you pull that trigger?

      It might all work, but I figure you need a devil's advocate or two at
      work here :-)

      I like idea #2 very much: formalized owner tests. I write ad hoc gear
      reviews all the time on various web boards that could easily be
      expanded for use here. (But, will the manufacturer care/pay any

      Idea #2 leads back to #1: What if we were to require (1,2,3...?)
      owner test reviews as a qualifier for becoming a new-gear tester?
      I'll bet dollars to Lil' Debbies that this process would filter out
      most of your deadbeats.

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