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3871Re: [BackpackGearTest] Report compliance

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  • gcoledrph
    Aug 1, 2001
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      >>We still need to solve this problem. I'm currently considering requiring a credit card number and signed agreement be provided the manufacturer by each tester before the tester can receive the test item. <<
      It's probably just human nature not to value things that are free, and personal integrity seems to be an outdated concept.  I don't really see that you have much choice.  I would actually go further, and include requirements for content and depth (length?), although that means someone has to set those requirements, and they will probably differ according to gear category.
      >>I'm also planning to start a owner review program. I (we) would pick and item and call for owners to give us reports on the selected item. This would allow a much longer experience report than we can now get. We could build a tremendous database of gear reports. What do you think?<<
      What I carry now is the result of a whole lot of experimentation and "field-testing." I would be much more inclined to take seriously a report on a owner's long-term experience with a product, given that it is based on a balanced evaluation. 
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