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36808Is it really labor day? AND Myo 5

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  • Rebecca
    Sep 1, 2003
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      Back from my OOP. Is it Labor Day today? I just drove 350 miles down
      highway 101 from Redwood NP through San Francisco and not one traffic jam to
      stop me. Didn't expect to be home until midnight at the earliest, and here
      I am before 9:00 unpacked and almost caught up on email! Spent the past
      week at Crater Lake NP and Redwood NP and had a fabulous time car camping
      with friends from Belgium and Germany. Got to test a lot of gear, including
      an unplanned but gear-testing-friendly soaking of my Bite sandals in the
      Pacific Ocean last night (they performed quite well, by the way).

      Also, when I got home the Myo 5 was on my doorstep. I so wish that I had
      had it with me this weekend, but oh well - just have to get out again soon
      to play with it. =)

      I'll get to the Princeton Tec edits ASAP, probably tomorrow night. I need
      tomorrow to catch up at my real life job.

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