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34841RE: [BackpackGearTest]EDIT: PCT Southern California Guide - Initial Report

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    Jul 27, 2003
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      Certainly not much of an edit but "their" (instead of "there") jumped
      out at me......

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      The editor goes on to state that the, because of the changes in
      printing brought about by the digital age, they had to "take the time
      to bring the book into the 1990s." This required turning the paper
      book into digital files. She says, "The maps are as they were
      originally, with the changes that have been made to them in prior
      editions; we expect to have them completely digitized within the next
      five years." This tells me that these maps have not been updated
      since 1995. I will be comparing the maps with the text to see if
      " their " are maps that should have been updated but were not. I am
      hopeful that, when the maps are digitized, that they might offer an
      electronic version of the book at a reasonable price.

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