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33707Re: OWNER REVIEW of Recta DO 150 Compass

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  • rcaffin
    Jul 6, 2003
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      > >Owner Review - Recta Compass DO 150
      > >Listed weight (2003): 23 gm (0.9 oz)
      > Should be 0.8 oz
      > But I'm guessing that isn't the one you meant - so no prize
      > for me, eh? :-)
      Not the one I was thinking of, but bonus prize definitely! Thanks.
      You must have picked this up mere minutes after I posted. Sigh.

      I am a professional research scientist, I write research papers and
      patents for a living, and I have edited a computing journal for
      years. And I can still make a silly mistake! However, having someone
      else point my mistakes out to me no longer worries me.

      Getting your work proof-read by others is ALWAYS to YOUR advantage!

      Roger Caffin
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