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3312Re: [BackpackGearTest] Re: Walrus Zoid 2 in the rain

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  • GearTester
    Jun 4, 2001
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      That may have been it. Hopefully it will work better next time.
      > I set the tent up quickly and it looked taught when I set it up. I'm
      > sure I could have made it tighter-- it was definitely not drum taught.
      > I left the adjustment buckles in the same position as the prior time
      > I used the tent on a humid night where I had no problems with tension.
      > It didn't become loose until an hour or so after I set up the tent.
      > Anyway, It was late and wet and I had no desire to fuss with the tent
      > in the rain. After this experience I'll take more care to really
      > tighten the tent if rain is likely. I would have fussed with it more
      > if I had gotten to camp in the daylight.
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