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326Re: [BackpackGearTest] Farewell report

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  • George Cole
    Nov 9, 2000
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      <SNIP>One of the flys that Tom sent me was made out of that material. I
      tried it the same way (upper reflector) and it didn't seem to make all that
      much difference.<SNIP>

      Hi, Jerry:

      I tested the fabric for heat reflectivity using a Rube Goldberg lightbulb
      setup and it did fairly well when compared to space blanket material.
      Regular silnylon in a grey color didn't reflect much at all. I figured what
      the heck, when the lateral points of the 10' by 8' fly are tethered down at
      an acute angle it might give me several degrees of extra insulating value,
      although it hasn't been cold enough around here yet for me to give it a real
      test. The stuff does seem to work pretty well vis-a-vis metallized fabric
      when close to the skin, which is why I decided it wouldn't hurt to use it as
      the RAB pad pocket material, especially since it's a good bit lighter than
      metalized fabric.


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