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324Re: [BackpackGearTest] Farewell report

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  • George Cole
    Nov 8, 2000
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      Hi, Rob:

      <SNIP>One other idea that I have which may enhance the bag pad-pocket idea
      was to laminate (using 3M spay adhesive or any other workable adhesive) a
      mylar space blanket onto a 1/4" closed cell pad and using that in the bag
      pocket. Possibly being able to alternate the degree of added warmth by
      inserting the pad - mylar side to the bag (for more warmth) or mylar side
      away from the
      bag (for less warmth)?<SNIP>

      Actually, the fabric that I'm having Dave Olsen use to construct the RAB
      pocket is a unique silver 1.1 silnylon that is quite reflective. I also
      used it for the custom fly I had ID make for me, with the shiny side down,
      in order to reflect heat back into the hammock from above. I didn't mention
      it in the report because Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics has run out of it and
      may not be able to get more. However, Dave stocks a 1.1 black silnylon that
      he has had laminated to the gold mylar space blanket material (probably runs
      about 1.5 to 1.7 ounces a square yd.) You could get some from him and maybe
      save yourself from what sounds like an onerous chore.

      <SNIP>Great report, and info. I too am sorry to see you leave the

      Thanks, but my job is so demanding right now that I have trouble even
      reading all the BPL posts. I only reported on the Hennessy because I really
      like it and had already done a lot of informal testing and experimentation
      with it.


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