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25487Re: MSR Simmerlite

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  • redbike64 <richard.dreher@jacobs.com>
    Feb 22, 2003
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      To add a bit to Jerry's response, because the SL's flame control is
      on the pump and not at the burner head, as with the DF, there's a
      time lag when adjusting the flame. That means making adjustments in
      little increments and waiting for them to take effect before
      proceding. It takes a little practice, because it's easy to overdo it
      and snuff the flame (same with the Whisperlite).

      That's probably the biggest technical difference between the two. I'm
      presuming that the DF's control is more or less instantaneous--but I
      don't own one.


      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "Chief Moderator"
      <ChiefModerator@B...> wrote:
      > Oh, it's a snap. I don't think it will go as low as a Dragon will
      because of
      > the flame size. It's goes as low but the burner head is huge
      compared to a
      > Dragon so the heat output at it's lowest setting is higher than the
      > in my opinion.
      > Jerry
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