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2418Re: Stephenson tent poles

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  • Dennis Coffey
    May 2, 2001
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      I used Stephenson poles for a tent I designed myself and experienced
      pole failure. The problem ocures as the result of nicking the edge
      of the pole during assemble. I spoke with Jack about the problem and
      thers's a simple solution. You can obtain an inner sleeve and outer
      sleeve combination form Jack to reinforce the ends. I guess the
      other solution fell upon myself, handle those poles with care. I
      haven't had any problems with my poles on my homemade 2R.


      --- In BackpackGearTest@y..., David Spellman <david@i...> wrote:
      > Dang good question. I've got two of his tents, but I haven't had any
      > glitches yet, so I can't really comment. On the other hand, because
      > the cost of the tents, I tend not to be careless around them. The
      > silnylon is pretty tough, but I've seen otherwise extremely sturdy
      > 4-season tents sliced wide open by a careless shovel in the winter.
      > david
      > BackpackGearTest@y... wrote:
      > > I'd be very interested to hear people's experience with
      Stephenson tent poles, specifically the pole sleeves. We once owned
      a late 1970's model & found that the pole sleeves tended to tear if
      one got the least bit careless in assembling them. (the aluminum
      tore like heavy-duty aluminum foil). Has Jack improved this aspect
      of the product?
      > >
      > > Christine
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